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I wish I wasn’t afraid of things I didn’t understand, or things that are new to me.
I’m too afraid to lucid dream even though I really want to all my lucid dreams terrify me.
I’m basically afraid of the dark.
I’m scared of alien life talk even though I believe that there’s obviously extraterrestrial life I’m terrified of the idea of them being at all human-like.
I’m scared of everything it pisses me off ugh

You don’t know what love is until you’ve seen someone grow from day one with that love and the scary shit is it keeps getting stronger and allll ya wanna do is protect them but you know you can’t.

I’m glad I have my sisters I’ve been shown I never want kids ever ever ever. I might adopt but never bringing anyone here that’s so fucked idk what parents are thinking these days.

September 21 2014


Featuring Isabelle from the Animal Crossing Series

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September 21 2014

can i get some messages? i’m bored n lonely :